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Signs It's Time To Replace Your Heating System

Your heating system is essential to your overall comfort while in your home or office, which makes it essential to know when it’s time to invest in a new system rather than keep wasting money on repairs. While your system might be working perfectly fine now, Legacy Air believes it doesn’t hurt to be able to recognize the signs you should start looking for a replacement to keep you and your family or employees comfortable.


If you’ve found yourself calling an HVAC technician more and more lately and needing to wait for the right parts for a while, it might be time to ditch your current system and get an upgrade. While you may not feel you can afford a new system, you also likely can’t afford to keep wasting money on so many repairs with a practically non-existent ROI.


If you’ve had your system for 15 years or so, do yourself a favor and start saving up for a new one. While it’s true that regularly servicing your unit and having it inspected by professional technicians can improve its overall life expectancy, getting a head start on buying a replacement is sure to work in your favor.


A noisy system could be the sound of a death rattle, one that shouldn’t be ignored. Specifically, banging, squeaking or rattling are noises to take heed of, and the same is true if you feel cold air coming from the vents instead of warm air. If your heater operates or sounds in any way that’s out of the ordinary, call a professional to see what’s going on.


Some rooms in your home might feel hotter or warmer than others, even after inspecting the inside of your vents and making sure nothing is blocking your vents. Oftentimes, older heating systems aren’t able to work as efficiently as they once were, which often manifests in rooms having different temperatures. Rather than make continuous adjustments to the thermostat, you’re likely better off checking out your options for a brand new system.


If you always have your thermostat at the same temperature no matter how cold it might get and your utility bills are getting higher, your unit might not be as efficient as it once was. What’s likely going on is that your heating system is working harder to sustain the same temperature, which requires more electricity or gas, which results in higher utility bills. To be on the safe side, consider having an energy audit performed on your home to determine for sure why your utility bills have started to creep up or at least have your HVAC system fully inspected.

If you can’t remember the last time your home’s or business’s heating unit was serviced, or if you’ve noticed any of the signs touched on above, don’t hesitate in bringing an experienced HVAC expert into the equation. Get in touch with a Legacy Air representative today by calling 702-453-4229 to inspect your system and/or start exploring your options for a new unit.


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